18 Hole Mini Golf

The Mark Butler Golf Academy is extremely excited to announce the opening of their brand new 18 Hole par 3 Adventure Golf course! Now completed, the course boasts 18 of the most outrageous, bizarre and craziest holes you can think of! With mountainous mole hills to hit over, underground worlds to plunge your ball into and maybe even the occasional family of fantastical beasts to meander around! When playing the course you will be thrown into a world of fun and laughs whilst being surrounded by the wonderful countryside looking over our golf course and nearby Baggeridge Park!


Open from March 1st to October 31st


Adults £5.95 Children £4.95
Family Ticket £16.50
(x2 Child x2 Adult)

Season Tickets available 

Play whenever and as often as you like

You can pay online and get a 10% discount, click here


The Course


Hole 1: Range View- BE BRAVE! Get things underway with a precise tee shot through  the tyre and attack the pin. If not play up the right and use the slope.








Hole 2: Butler’s Beach – Get your bucket and spade ready! This is a tricky one! Use the slope and hit at good pace towards the furthest bunker. Let the slope bring the ball home. Don’t hit it too hard else you’ll be straight in the quick sand.







Hole 3: Rabbit Run – Now there’s only one way to play this Hole. Go for the glory and send your ball down the Rabbit run!









Hole 4: Mark’s Mile – This is the longest hole on our course. Be confident with your tee shot and at least make the trees!









Hole 5: Wollies Windmill – It’s getting blowy out there!! Think about how you want to play the hole and position yourself on the tee accordingly.








Hole 6: Pebble Beach – Named after one of the most luxurious courses in the world. We bring you the most luxurious mini golf course in Sedgley!








Hole 7: You wish! – Wish for a hole in one and you may just get it! Tee position is key for success on this hole.









Hole 8: Birdie Bath – Position yourself on the right hand side of tee box and get ready for the ball to slope right! TRY AND GET A BIRDIE!








Hole 9: Rabbits Ramp -The Rabbit hasn’t let you get away with it just yet! Avoid the ramp and you’ll be fine.








Hole 10: Butlers Bridge – Precise tee shot required to putt the ball under the bridge. Don’t over shoot the pin as there is a dangerous slope just past it which will take your ball off the green.







Hole 11: Stef’s Slope – Named after our head green keeper this hole really test your ability to read the greens! This hole severely slopes to the left however, if hit close to the bend with a good pace you could be very close!







Hole 12: Butlers Bend – Another challenging slope. Position on the tee box is key. Left side of the box, hit tight to the bend with good pace and you should be close.








Hole 13: Great Wall of Sedgley – Hit an accurate tee shot up hill to reap the rewards. Be careful of the walls!








Hole 14: Cam’s Alps – Our professional is really testing you on this hole as you are transported to the French alps with the slope taking your ball down and to the right! Can you handle the slope?!







Hole 15: King of the Castle – Place yourself well on the tee box and try and get it through the castle! If there is a photo on the castle take a selfie with it!!







Hole 16: Chelsea Flower show – The closest the MBGA will be to being on the Chelsea Flower show. Curve your ball around the flower pot and be in with a chance of holing it!








Hole 17: The Love Heart – Feel the love and go for glory! Send your ball like cupids arrow into the middle of the heart and win the hole!








Hole 18: Grandstand Finish – The last hole of our course. Make sure not to leave it short! Aim to get it past the pin and you’ll be in with a shot of getting a birdie!

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