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Working with the people from our local area is something we are very proud of and continue to try and reach out to as many people as possible.

What we have created up at our academy is a safe haven for people who need support to come and relax and enjoy themselves in a safe and welcoming place. We give them something to strive for and help them achieve goals which they would never have even dreamed of.

We change people’s lives. And we want to help more. After working with a number of local support groups on a weekly basis we thought ‘let’s get them all together and help grow disability golf and more importantly to celebrate it!’ So in 2016, in partnership with The Beacon for Blind Centre we created the ‘Beacon Butler Cup’ bringing together over 30 people with a variety of disabilities to play golf. It was hugely successful and training for Beacon Butler 2017 has already begun! If you or somebody you know is interested in joining the Beacon Butler Cup please contact Nicola Butler via 01902 880503 or nicola@themarkbutlergolfacademy.co.uk

If you are apart of an adult support group and are interested in starting golf please also contact Nicola.

We are a Multi Disability Centre




Blind Golfers at The Mark Butler Golf Academy. Mark and the team at the Academy teaching people from the Beacon centre for the blind to play golf.

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Golf is a game for all…

There’s no better sport for bringing people together and, with its winning combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction, golf is the perfect tonic for good health and happiness.

Golf is a great game whatever your age, background or ability. “Golf is about as adaptable a sport as you can get,” said Bob Buck, Executive Director of the Eastern Amputee Golf Association. “Just about anyone, regardless of ability level, can grab a set of golf clubs, head outside, and in no time be hitting golf balls where no one will ever find them again.”

As well as having fun in the fresh air, playing golf also brings some impressive health and wellbeing benefits that can help you look and feel at your best.

“Golf really does tick all the boxes for things you need for optimal wellbeing,” says psychologist and coach Miriam Akhtar from www.positivepsychologytraining.co.uk . “It offers some important feel-good factors, such as an active social life and regular physical activity of the best kind – what we call ‘green exercise’ outside in nature.”

The combination of fresh air, green space and social interaction can keep you calm and boost wellbeing. As well as easing existing anxiety a study from the University of Maryland found it may also help you deal better with any future stress you encounter.

And, with plenty of time for conversation, golf is the perfect way to make new friends, especially if you have recently moved into a new area or have had a life style change. Wherever there’s a golf course, a host of rewarding new friendships awaits you. Friendships that are likely to flourish, thanks to the convivial atmosphere of the game itself and the ready-made social life at the clubhouse.


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