Kids Parties


Kids Parties used to be exclusive to junior academy members. However, our kids absolutely loved the Parties so due to their success we thought…well why not offer Parties out to any child!

We have something for everyone! Our golf range, 9 Soccer Golf Course, 18 Hole Mini Golf Course and Bobby Barista Bistro give any excited youngsters hours of fun!

The birthday celebrations are led by the Head of our junior academy, Mark Butler, who makes sure all of the kids are having the best time so you parents can sit back and relax.

There packages to choose from:-

Golf range
9 Hole Soccer golf
18 Hole Mini Golf
Major package – 2 sports
Grand Slam package – 3 sports

all package can come with food or without we will tailor your child party to your needs

Package start from £3.99 per child



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